Yin-ing It

I’ve been focusing a lot of my practice on Yin this past year. Ever since I started dabbling in it last year, and after taking the teacher training course this February, I’ve been ‘rocking’ my Yin practice.

Today was no exception.

90 mins of bliss on my mat…

But, I got to thinking, and in some moments I couldn’t turn it off, not so Yin of me.

I was thinking about those poses that are really hard to bear, those ones that you struggle to stay in (even if you know you should), and those that make you go ‘oh no’ when the teacher says “…and as we make our way into <pigeon, dragon…insert other  yang/challenging pose here…>.”

Yup, those ones.

I was thinking about how much I relate my reactions in my yoga practice to those in my daily life. There is no doubt that just the fact that I’m doing a lot of Yin is quite parallel to everything else in my life. It’s the ‘easier’ practice, its the mellow practice, and when moments get tough in it, I want to jump off my mat and run. Right now I’ve definitely been drawn to the easy road in my life too, and there too are moments of wanting to run, to hide, to hibernate. But…its in those moments that the strength of character shines, that you grin and bear it (with a smile), with the knowledge that once the pose/phase is over the benefits will become apparent. Just like in Yin, once you release from the pose and go into a recovery pose, the benefits begin to be absorbed into the body, so too will those benefits come into view in my life as well after a difficult/challenging time.

So…stick through it, smile through it, and things will get better.

Also in line with this, is that everything happens for a reason…the good and bad, the yin and the yang…

No more just yin-ing it…bring on the challenges!!

Lately I’ve been challenging myself to do one new thing a day, even if it scares me. And, speaking of challenges. This practice was also a part of the latest 30 day challenge at my studio…I’ll be sure to update my results at the end of the month!

~ kaia ~


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