Passport to Inspiration

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my mat the past little while…

I bought the Passport to Prana – an ingenious way that allows yogis to travel around the city and sample classes from over 70 studios. Brilliant…and fun!!

Thus far, I’ve been to

Bikram Yoga Beaches

Bikram class

Downward Dog Yoga Center in the Beach

Restorative class

In the Spirit Yoga

Hatha class

Moksha Yoga Danforth

Yin class

The Yoga Sanctuary (Danforth)

Qi Gong class

Bikram Yoga Toronto East

Bikram class

Hot Yoga Wellness Kennedy

Hot yoga class

Moksha Yoga Scarborough

Moksha, Yin, Moksha Flow, Ashtanga, and Therapeutic classes (this is my home studio!)

Moksha Yoga Markham

Yin class

Yoga Tree  (Richmond Hill)

Hot yoga class

P3 Yoga and Pilates

Aerial yoga class

Moksha Yoga Pickering

Yin class

East Village Yoga

Pilates class

All to say, I’ve been broadening my yoga experience and knowledge. Prior to this, I have probably studied with 40-50 teachers, however, this is a really remarkable way to challenge myself to try different forms, learn from new teachers, expand my yoga vocabulary and see what the city and its studios have to offer…

All studios were wonderful – each had its own character – and I’ve learned from each teacher and practice.

Thus far, I have to say that the East Village Yoga pilates class, the Moksha Yoga Pickering yin class, the Moksha Yoga Scarborough Flow class (hard but amazing!!), and the P3 Yoga and Pilates aerial yoga class have been my favourites.

In terms of the studios…the Moksha Yoga Markham was probably the nicest I have been to so far – modern, clean, and ‘simple.’

The Yoga Sanctuary (Danforth), Moksha Yoga Scarborough, and East Village Yoga were probably the most charming/welcoming, however, In the Spirit was most definitely the most unique. With a almost bookstore/cafe entry way and offerings of wine and light fare, it offered a relaxing escape and united two seemingly incompatible activities. Really neat! The Yoga Sanctuary is in a heritage building, and so, it’s two practice rooms are really beautiful with curved walls.

I have been finding that I’ve been going much deeper into my practice lately. Each class I feel enlightened by a comment made by the teacher and/or a thought that crossed my mind in the midst of an opening/challenging pose. I’ve been noticing all these Yoga-inspired inspirations come about, and I’m going to focus some of the space online here to share it with anyone who wishes to read it. I’d love to hear if you’ve had the same experience in your own practice…or perhaps with another activity that you do…

Oh…and I still haven’t tried the Butternut Squash/Pumpkin Mac & Cheeze…gearing myself up to it…

~ kaia ~


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