Homegrown summer is (nearly) here

As a kid, I have fond memories of my mother’s garden. We always had fresh vegetables and herbs in the summer, making the BEST bruchetta using homegrown cherry tomatoes and herbs, picking cherry tomatoes and peas and eating them while standing in the garden, and plucking little strawberries from our berry patch!

It seemed to me that the weekend spent planting that garden was the true start of summer.

Now that I have a garden of my very own, that feeling of the start of summer still resonates with me as I finish planting all my crops and eagerly watch as they grow and change day to day.

We’ve been having a lot of rain the last few days, but with the burst of sun come the bursts of the growth and…this…is…my…gorgeous…garden..for…2011…

I can’t believe my vision here grew into this:

The plans changed a bit once the bf started building the garden boxes.

He built two sturdy boxes, with reinforced corners so that the boxes would expand with moisture and rain. So smart!

So, instead of 3 boxes, which I originally envisioned, I now have 2. No biggie, I just shuffled my plants a round a bit…

Top left to top right: 4 bunches of mixed lettuces, baby watermelon just poking out, 4 more bunches of salad mix lettuces, another baby watermelon peaking through the soil.

Second row left to right: Butternut squash, 4 bunches of spinach mix, another butternut squash, and another 4 bunches of spinach mix

A row of marigolds

‘Empty’ row: potatoes, I couldn’t find any horseradish unfortunately

Left half of the first box:

Top two rows: Cucumbers

Third row: Brussel Sprouts

Fourth row: Kale – Dinosaur and Purple

The ’empty’ patch between the kale and marigolds has seeds of edible flowers

Bottom row: Parsley

The second box:

Top row: Tomatoes – 1 roma, 1 beefsteak, 4 cherry tomatoes

(And since this photo was taken, I add two more cherry tomato plants – by request of the bf!)

Second row: I have since planted garlic taken from my dad’s backyard

Left corner group: BASIL

Middle hidden patch: Carrots

Front of middle patch: 2 pepper plants (by special request of the bf!)

Right corner group: Dill


Two strawberry plants to make friends with last year’s blueberry tree (on the right).


A clematis to grow up our patio wall!!

I can’t wait for everything to start to blossom. I saw a few tomato flowers just yesterday!!

We have 30 deg weather today, and the plants are going to sunbathe the day away!!

Next up…an interview and review of a fantastic summertime product!

~ kaia ~


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