My fridge has been bursting at the seams with zucchinis. I had more than a case of zucchini left over from my big event, and I put my creative juices to work.

I made zucchini bread…FAIL!! I mean, BIG TIME FAIL!!

I then cracked out the dehydrator and… made zucchini wraps using this recipe. I left them in the dehydrator overnight and they came out less pliable and more cracker-ish…meh, that’s ok! They were scrumptious in a wrap I made – nori with the zucchini wrap inside, plus mixed lettuces, green onion, cucumber, avocado, and cayenne sprinkled on top. SOOOoooo good!!

And I also made zucchini cacao cookies using this recipe. Better than I expected, with my bread coming out terribly, I thought I was not going to be a zucchini baked good-lover…but the cookies were actually good!!

AND, I still have some zucchinis left…dunno what to do with them…

I’m thinking about some spiralized Z-noodles plus avocado cream sauce…Any other ideas??


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