kaia went to market…

kaia went to market….

Can you believe it?

I had a huge event today and it was sharing space with a farmer’s market, and so, week’s ago I figured, why not try to launch kaia at a market and see what the response would be?!

We put out samples of the Beanitos chips and everyone’s reaction was so funny. They were so pleasantly surprised that bean chips could taste so good!

The gluten-free and vegan pastas and pasta sauces were a huge hit too.

I also featured some of the bean baking mixes and I think next time I’ll bake some of them to showcase. I think they will be a huge hit if people can actually taste them. Learning as I go…

It was  glorious day, both for my event (which was hugely successful) and for the market…the sun was shining, it was a beautiful temperature, and families were happily enjoying the festivities and the food! About 1350 people were out at the event, there were about 100 volunteers, and everyone left with a smile on their face…I couldn’t be happier!

Whew…I think I’ll sleep well tonight…

Especially after my tasty linner (lunch + dinner)…

…savoury oats – a mix of rolled and Steel-cut oats, dried pesto, and slices of avocado on top…YUM!! I honestly was so hungry I didn’t take time to take a photo…next time! ;P

I’m also pleased that my laryngitis is slowly healing…I can speak a bit now (which definitely helped with my event)!! I think within a couple days I will be in the clear.

Oh…anyone have any tips about setting up an online store? I think that this is going to be my next step…any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!

Have a great night…I’m off to relax for a bit.

~ kaia ~


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