Doing the Herbal & my Anti-Candida Campaign

Good morning!!

I was planning on making this Pear Lemonade Smoothie this morning, and while making it I felt like I was forgetting something…the ginger!! I used some frozen spinach nuggets, and it was delicious, BUT…I really wanted to try the ginger version. Oh well, next time…

Alright…this second bout of laryngitis is really getting me thinking about my kaia in 2011 dreams and goals. Why?

Well…because, I read this book a while ago, and have been meaning to give it a second go – Your Body Speaks Your Mind. It’s about decoding all the health mumbo jumbo and really looking deep into ourselves at the emotional, psychological, and spiritual messages that our body is speaking. Yes, our bodies speak… 😉

So…here’s my secret…I haven’t been listening! My body has been speaking, and hasn’t been getting heard…now I have laryngitis again, and I cannot be heard…hmm…

My IBS is flaring up a lot lately, due to stress, and I know 100% that I had and have Candida (yeast) and have to start taking control of it. So, in addition to acupuncture which I started a couple weeks ago, I am going back to my nauturopath for some help getting started (again) on a Candida cleanse and food regime. I read this really great post about Candida just today and thought I’d share it. It’s from Sketch-free Vegan Eating. Thanks for getting the ball rolling and your inspirational Anti-Candida kick-off!

My plan is to follow the Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook by Jeanne Marie Martin with Zoltan P. Rona.

I don’t eat a lot of starch or carbohydrates. It’s not because of dieting or anything like that, it’s because I never had a sweet tooth, with the exception of fruit. I always reached for fruit before chocolate, cake, ice cream, etc…I know…crazy?! But really, I was never much into baked goods or anything like that either…I enjoyed bread, but never craved or indulged heavily in those foods. I always preferred a pile of veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds, etc. I do love rice and I do love my french fries (that is probably my one carbohydrate crave!).

In light of my combat again Candida, I will be reducing my carbohydrate intake in line with the guidebook. This plan looks to increase whole grain intake, something I already do, but in different ways. All sweet fruits and vegetables (and certainly baked items and other carbohydrate-laden foods) are eliminated in the early stages to starve the Candida and flush them from the body. Candida thrive in warm, moist, sugar-laden environments and so, elimination of the sugars (simple or complex carbohydrates) changes their living environment to make it unfavourable for them, and so, they die off.

So strange to think of something living and then dying inside of you! But, we have bacteria and yeast in our bodies all the time, it’s when the balance get thrown off that we experience these digestive problems such as Candida.

What else am I doing??

I am turning to my favourite greens…ever since the days that my mom first introduce pesto into my culinary vocabulary, herbs are something that I LOVE! Now, I don’t make pesto as I used to (no cheese now), but I do turn to my herbs to add flavour to my sauces, stirfrys, dips, etc.

Not only are they tasty and flavour enhancing, but it is well known that many of them enhance digestion. I have also been playing around with more spices. Basil, bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin, fennel, garlic, ginger, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, sage, paprika, saffron, turmeric…all of these have been making their way into my cooking a lot more lately.

And…I can’t wait for them to start to sprout in my garden!!!

The last change…no more coffee.

I am well aware that this has become a daily habit, however, it has also become a daily irritant for my body. I am ready to say goodbye. I think it will have it’s place for the occasional social get together, but, I will look to more herbal teas, green teas, and my beloved lemon water in its place. I love lemon water!!

I’ve never been a fan of herbal teas…so what teas do you love? Give me some suggestions!

And…I ‘m going to the doctor today…it’s been a week now with this second round of laryngitis, and I want to figure out what else I can do. I have been taking Echinacea, Vitamin C and D, Spirulina, lots of warm drinks, a bit of honey (I don’t want to but it soothes the throat…in line with Anti-Candida eating this is not good!). lozenges, and rest…but nothing has changed. I have another huge event on Saturday and I have to be better!

Have a good day!!

~ kaia ~


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