Popeye Papaya Boat

That’s right!

I’m showing my muscles today…with my Popeye-inspired Papaya Boat.

This powered me through my Monday morning kickboxing, circuit training, literally ‘kicking booty or booty kicking’ workout. P.S. I’m still feeling it today…


It was one tropical food-gasm…

AND so easy…

Popeye Papaya Boat

1 frozen banana

3 frozen spinach nuggets

1-2 T ground flaxseed


Scoop onto 1/4 papaya ‘boat’…


Indeed this was a deviation from local produce purchases. In reading my Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition book, and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, papaya is a pungent food which is actually really good for IBS. It is considered good for strengthening the stomach and spleen and aiding in digestion, as well as slowing down the effects of aging (!).

So, I figured that I would deviate a bit and help reduce the inflammation and irritation in my body, especially as I am working on detoxing my body in sync with spring! I’m not one for the 3 day/7 day/21 day detoxes, and instead believe that lifestyle changes and the incorporation of good habits over the long-term are best for the (/my) body.

This blog has always been about finding what works for me, and in introducing and exploring new ideas I hope to find the balance and inner harmony and strength that I have been seeking for some time.

Without getting too deep…this breakfast put me in a super good mood, and was really like a tropical escape in the midst of all the spring rain and cold we’ve been having.

Now…big news:

The winner of the kaia product giveaway is….


Thanks for sharing your latest vegetarian purchases with me. I will be sending you a bag of Beanitos to try…don’t blame me if you fall in love at first bite! 🙂

And…my BIG announcement:

I’m going to be a a farmer’s market this year selling kaia products, starting on May 7th. I’m so excited. If anyone is seeking more information about Beanitos, Maria’s Pastas, or other local, gluten-free, vegan products…email me at kaia@live.ca.

~ kaia ~


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