Charoset – Green Monster Ice Cream Verrine, Passover-Style

It all started with some Charoset.

During Passover, Jewish people eat Charoset. Every family tends to have their own novel variation of Charoset, and my family always used apples, apricots, and almonds to make this sweet spread.


3 apples

3/4 C – 1 C dried apricots

1/2 t – 1 t honey

2-3 T red wine, to taste

1/4 C ground almonds, add slowly

Chop fruits, honey and red wine in food processor or blender. Fruits should not be made into a puree, there should still be small pieces of the fruits. Add ground almonds a bit at a time. The almonds are meant to absorb a bit of the moisture released from the apples and the wine, however, the charoset should still be moist.

It then became this…

Charoset – Green Monster Ice Cream Verrine

(or Layered Goodness), Passover-Style

Now, I didn’t have enough ingredients for multiple layers, but I did get the inspiration from this post at Oh She Glows.

A couple spoonfuls of charoset was the base layer

Topped with a layer of raspberries

Topped with a layer of my Green Monster Ice Cream

Green Monster Ice Cream

1 banana, frozen

3 frozen spinach nuggets

Blend together and spoon on top.

(Don’t be scared if your blender makes funny noises, this WILL pass.)


~ kaia ~


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