A Bit of Fall in Spring

All through the fall and winter I’ve been loving this really quick and easy recipe for Apple Pie in a Jar (aka applesauce). When I was little, I had a babysitter who made a lot of applesauce. I even recall going to the park behind my house and collecting apples from the trees and making batches of it at home. I remember not being a huge fan of it back then, but things change, and with such an easy recipe, what could be tastier as part of breakfast, as a snack, as a topping for pancakes or filler for crepes, etc. I think this is so tasty without any sweetener, but you may wish to add some. It’s truly a wholesome and customizable recipe.

Now I know that applesauce it traditionally a fall pleasure, but I think it’s a really great kitchen staple all year round. With the addition of cinnamon, it’s actually a really healthy snack too. There is certainly lots to be proud of when eating this between the health benefits of apples, including improving the digestive tract and helping to maintain healthy bone density and strength, among other benefits (source), and cinnamon, including regulation of blood sugar, it also serves as a natural preservative with anti-yeast and anti-bacteria attribute, something I didn’t know (source)!! But really, when it comes down to it…what does it matter when it tastes so divine!!

Apple Pie in a Jar

6-7 apples, or mixture of apples and pears

1 t cinnamon

1/2 t nutmeg

1/2 lemon squeezed

splash of juice or cider (unsweetened and 100% juice varieties) – this time I used a cranberry and pomegranate mix

1 t agave or sweetener, as desired – this time I didn’t use any and it was still scrumptious!

Peel the skin off apples, diced, and place into a pot. Add other ingredients and simmer until mushy. You may need to crush larger pieces, or you can transfer mixture to a blender to blend completely if you don’t like pieces of apple in the sauce. I think it adds a bit of crunch and so, I don’t mind.

It smells so good!


~ kaia ~


2 responses to “A Bit of Fall in Spring

    • Sadly, I just finished the last of my batch! I’ll have to take some inspiration from some of your recipes for my next culinary adventure. In particular, I’m looking forward to trying your agar-agar recipes!

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