30 hrs in 30 days: Recap.

February 15th I started on my challenge for 30 hours of yoga practice in 30 days.

My intention was not so much to just to do 30 hours of yoga because it was a challenge, but moreover, to extend my practice beyond what I have been used to, to practice on those days I didn’t feel like it or was tired and to see what came up for me in my practice, to do it on days when it didn’t perfectly fit into my schedule and see how I coped with it, to do it on days when I was sore and to see how my body reacted to it, AND to realize that sometimes life gets in the way…and to deal with that!


In 30 days, I practiced 24 hours of yoga (see the complete diary of my practices, here), which makes for a surprising average of 48 mins of yoga per day.

My first reaction was to say, “I didn’t make my 30 hours,” my second reaction was “I practiced 24 hours, and without the challenge, it may not have been that much.” It’s interesting that the first is very much negative, and it’s only after a moment that the positive perspective shines through. I know this is how I feel in yoga (and life), my first reaction to situations, poses, etc is to look at the negative, and then, looking at things from a different line of sight, I see positive.

In the end, I am really thankful for having done this because it really showed me how much yoga is a part of my EVERY day life, and how much I learn from doing it, and how much the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga I bring into my life outside of the practice room.

Have any of you ever done a yoga challenge? Do you practice on a regular basis? Do you find you learn from yoga?

Have a wonderful 12deg day if you are in Toronto!!

~ kaia in balance ~


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