Swweeet Pot-A-toe Chips…

One for me, one for MR…one for the BF and one for MR…

That’s how it went.

I found a recipe that good enough for MR and us to eat

I sliced a few sweet potatoes into thin rounds (about 1/4 inch thick), blanched them (4-5 mins in hot water, then immediately into a cold bath)

I then placed them in the dehydrator at 125 deg for about 10 hours and wham, bam…

Sweet Potato Chips, au naturel, as a snack for the pup and for us.

Good enough to eat as an alternative for chips, with dip, or on top of salads, soups, etc.

You can easily make these in the oven, only they don’t come out as crisp or last as long (wait, they don’t last that long anyway…in our bellies they went!). If you want them to be 100% raw, dehydrate them at 105 deg for 12 hours or so.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

~ kaia in balance ~


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