Yoga’s life lessons

Happy Thursday!

I wanted to share a couple thoughts I’ve had the last few days.

I’ve certainly had my fair experience of teachers, classes, and studios in my 11 year yoga practice. Ya, I know…crazy that it’s been that long. But, I’ve come to realize yoga isn’t just a pursuit for active living, it’s a lifestyle. And, I’m not surprised that I haven’t realized the time goes by, because I believe that yoga lives in me, describes me, and allows me to be ‘me’…Sounds silly, but those who know me know me as a yogi.

I have been feeling quite overcome with my IBS symptoms the last few days, and I needed a less intense yoga practice to soothe and circulate oxygen/blood/energy through my body and in particular, my digestive system.

While Theraputic Yoga, or Hatha Yoga, is not traditionally ‘my kind of yoga,’ but I am a firm believer that you can learn from every yoga teacher and every yoga class. I agreed to take this class with a friend last night, and while it was slow-paced and light, it reminded me of some pranayama (or breathing exercises) which bring back focus to breath + movement. Sometimes it’s easy to take this for granted in yoga…the breath should keep up with the movement.

Yoga is really about the breath leading us through movement, not the other way around!

It’s kind of like letting emotions overcome our actions, instead of having them lead us calmly and controlled through life…with a purpose in mind. The more I look for lessons in yoga, the more they are appearing to me… 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d share that…and all my daily activities, including my lessons from yoga classes are on my Body in Balance page. I hope you can see something for yourself in my experiences, and if not, that’s okay…I’ll still write about them… 😉

In other lessons…

My thoughts lately have been around my kaia in 2011 goal of limiting my IBS/Candida (yeast overgrowth) symptoms. It relates to letting emotions lead actions, without properly moderating them. I say this after finishing Women, Food, and Gods (see my Mind in Balance page for all my reads) a little while ago and thinking about the messages Geneen Roth shares. She talks about why we eat when or how we do, how we cannot live with our emotions, observing and acknowledging them without resorting to food to distract/subside those feelings. I can definitely say that I have comfort foods, perhaps nontraditional, but comforting none-the-less.

1) Warm drinks

I used to drink 4-5 teas a day, then 2-3 coffees a day. This has irritated my digestive system and likely ate away at my stomach lining. I’m down to 1 coffee (2 on occasion) per day plus hot water (with or without lemon) and/or ginger, peppermint, or green teas. I have come to think it’s a ‘girl’ thing…wanting to hold a cup of warm liquid at all times.

2) Nuts

I love nuts, any kind…They have served as a way to get protein in my diet and well…now I have an acute allergy to some (in particular peanuts!).

3) Fruits

I used to have like 6-7 servings of fruit per day, including juices and am now down to 3-4 servings per day. The more the better for good health, right? WRONG! They have been a huge source for my Candida grow and flourish, they fed the yeast in my system (as did the ‘fungi’/yeast-inducing peanuts).

In any event, I got to thinking about how I turn to these foods in times of distress, depression, convenience, and boredom.

I have been realizing that when I reach for them, I often don’t even want them.

I know that these foods aggravate and encourage my IBS/Candida symptoms, and disrupt the balance of my internal digestive ecosystem and thus, I have been hindering my body’s ability to heal itself nor allow my digestive system to absorb the nutrients from my food and give me the energy I need.

So, I still believe in eating to enjoy. I still want to have a coffee with breakfast, enjoy fruit and nuts, but I plan to be more mindful of how much I am eating and why I am reaching for these foods as well as rotating the kinds I consume. I know, for example that berries and apples/pears are better for me than oranges and super sweet fruits. I know that brazil nuts are better than the fungi/yeast-inducing peanuts and walnuts. (As a side note, Riley has been developing a lot of yeast infections in his ear, and since we give him peanut butter from time to time, I have put aside the thought that he might have the same reaction as I do!!) I also know that coffee aggravates my system. I just need to be mindful and respectful of what my body wants and remain committed to healing my self.

I realize that I can heal my mind, nourish my needs for activity through yoga, but until I heal my body, I will not be fully healed.

Thanks for listening…Is there anything you’ve been struggling with?

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~ kaia in balance ~


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