15 days of yoga

I can’t believe it’s already been 15 days, and at the same time I feel like it’s been so much longer…

On February 15, 2011 I began my 30 hours in 30 days challenge, and it truly has tested my resolve. As much as I said, “this is for me,” “I love yoga,” and “I feel so good after practice,” each day presented new obstacles and thoughts to not practice. Being out of town for a few days was difficult as well, since I had no access to internet, dvd, and had no studio close to where I was staying. BUT…each time I practiced I was so pleased to have done it, I feel like I’ve been deepening my practice, broadening my practice, and really honing in on the peace and balance I want to achieve in my yoga experience (and my life!). I am also really sore (lol)!!!

So, my mid-way check in is…

9 hours in 15 days

You can see all the yoga I did on my Body in Balance page, and keep up with my daily moves and grooves…

I am actually really pleased with that, and I know with my upcoming Yin Yoga Teacher Training course this weekend, that I will make up the 6 hours. Yes, I decided to heighten my knowledge of Yin Yoga. I never thought that I would love this form of yoga. I have always been drawn to the vinyasa (flowing, aerobic) forms of yoga, and to my surprise, I feel so connected and open when I practice Yin. I don’t think I fully understood or became so aware of my mind-body connection until I started Yin, and I am thankful for each class and each experience. I read an article in Science Daily a little while ago, and thought it was a really interesting study about brain gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels of yoga subjects compared with those of participants who spent time walking. It states how low GABA levels are associated with depression and other widespread anxiety disorders, and how the study’s group of yoga subjects showed elevated levels of GABA as compared with the group of walkers. The only negative I found about the study (the link to the study journal article is on the SD page) is the size of the subject pool (19 yogis and 15 walkers). I’d love to see a larger study!!

In other news…

I have also been busy renovating my Recipes page. It is still a work in progress, but a few new recipes are up, and I am working on posting more. I will post about the yummy goods I’ve been cultivating in my kitchen.

And…my March goal is to add to the Gaia in Balance page…keep watch for that.

Have a great day!!

~ kaia in balance ~


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