Valentine’s in Spring?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Not only do I have my voice back (yay!), and we are experiencing some really warm (spring-like) weather in Toronto, but it’s Valentine’s Day!!!

The bf and I spent the day together yesterday. After a lazy start to the day, we went for a breath-taking walk through the bluffs and marina by our house with MR. The ice frozen scenario was incredible…(pics to be loaded later today). We then tried to find an ice skating rink that wasn’t super busy, with no luck.

We ended up at an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner. For anyone unfamiliar with Ethiopian food, it’s really wonderful for vegetarians, as it is full of beans, lentils, and vegetables. It is also wonderful for those who are gluten-free since the Injera (bread used to eat the vegetable features) is made of teff flour and is gluten-free!

Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful day, and enjoy the love, chocolate, or other foods and luxuries which make you happy!

I’m currently munching on goji berries and cacao nibs…it seemed like a festive snack, and is oh so YUM!!


~ kaia in balance ~


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