I owe you…

I am in debt to the birthday boy!

I wasn’t feeling well on Thursday when I got home and did not make him his birthday treat as I had intended. The weekend blew by as well, and I did not find time to make anything special. MR, I am in debt to you…I will make it up to you. And, I will post the recipe at that time.

I did make some interesting eats.

While I am very health conscious, and eat whole foods, I am aware and appreciative of those around me who do not choose the same diet. It’s not that I don’t believe in what I do or wish that others saw for themselves the benefits that can come from such a diet and lifestyle. It’s more a matter that I wish for everyone to make choices that are right for them. While I do all the cooking at home, and incorporate a lot of whole foods and vegetables into meals, I do acknowledge that my bf did not grow up eating those foods. He has grown way out of his comfort zone to eat more vegetables than he was ever exposed to growing up, however, I do still make him his favourite foods and add meat to his meals.

It was a celebratory Sunday, and I did treat the bf to a carnivore-lovers breakfast.

When he saw the breakfast I made for him, he was so excited that I only caught it for pictures after he dug in and gobbled up the first muffin, and so please excuse the ketchup mess…

Bacon Quiche Muffins

Made 3 muffins

3 eggs

3 strips of bacon

1/4 C of milk

1/4 C parmesan cheese

1 T parsley

dash of salt and pepper

Cook bacon in a pan, drain from oil and slice into little pieces. Line muffin pan with butter or oil. Whisk together the other ingredients and scoop into muffin pan, top with bacon “bits.” Bake 10-15 mins until golden. Serve with toast (and jam). Enjoy (if you are a meat-lover).

I had a lovely crispin apple with sunflower butter and a banana chia wrap. I tried to make it look pretty, like an Apple Sun but…

Anyhoo…;) It was tasty, and FILLING!

In my next post, I’ll tell you about the homemade beauty product I made last week. Anyone have recipes for homemade beauty products that they have made?

~ kaia in balance ~


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