Balance in the

I am committed to making 2011 my year of BALANCE! I am committed to living a life I love, and inspiring myself and others to be healthy, environmentally-conscious, and active.

work <–> play
living in the present <–> dreaming
(human) body <–> earth

I found Kathy’s 5 Secret Ingredients for a Healthy, Happy 2011, and I couldn’t have written a better recipe for life myself. I love inspiring thoughts and quotes!

Recipe for Life


~ A whole lot of laughter
I love the idea of this as a “wellness-inducing” ritual, just as depicted in Patch Adams.

My first resolution of 2011 is to laugh EVERY day! Whether it’s a comedic movie, a funny joke I tell/hear, receiving a tickle from my bf, or a laughter yoga class…whatever form it takes, laughter will be present in 2011.

~ Put wear and tear into your kitchen
I definitely will be doing this. My 2010 resolution was to cook one new dish a week, and by the end of the year, I was doing a whole lot more than that.

The bf can attest to the fact that he often doesn’t know what is on his plate, and can rarely get the same meal twice! 😉

Kathy knows what she’s saying when she says “there is a secret additive that you will find in your own kitchen that really does get left out when you eat out. Yes, it’s love…”food is love”…

I love cooking for family and friends!
I love the experimenting, I love the chemical reactions that I can witness in my kitchen, and I love watching the behavioral reactions of my family and friends when I put a wholesome meal in front of them. I especially love introducing them (and me) to new foods and new dishes.

~ Use your voice
Now to preface this…I am petite, and have a rather quiet voice, BUT, in 2010, I learned that the volume of my voice speaks more about me than I would have imagined. It’s not only about being heard, but about truly expressing myself, and being heard is only the start of actually being heard.

Kathy describes times when shyness, fear, and stress associated with not speaking out for beliefs, and that speaking your mind will feed your happiness. I love the quote “be true to yourself and happiness will find you. Winning the ‘approval of others’ is never true happiness.”

This is so true, for many years I have allowed my petite stature and quiet voice to BE the quiet girl who never stood up for her beliefs, needs, and wants to others and to herself.

The start of this blog was in many ways a way for me to pursue my true expression and exploration, to share my ‘voice,’ but also to keep in balance the compassion for others, the earth, and myself. I believe that true happiness comes from helping and inspiring others, and in that way, I too can be inspired.

~ Move
Best thing I can do when feeling tired, slummed, and sad is get up and get out. Actually, it’s awesome even when I’m feeling happy, energized, and spirited.

Going for a walk always rejuvenates me…the fresh air (or fresh, crisp winter air as it may be) gives me a boost to continue on with my day.

I can always turn to a yoga class to awaken me from a sleepy state, stretch out my tight muscles, lift up my mood, get me thinking more positively and powerfully, and literally switch my gears and “chakras” (Sanskrit word for “wheel,” but typically referred to as the force centres or energy points on the physical body).

Whether it’s a circuit training or kickboxing session, a swim, a yoga class, or a leisurely walk with my dog, moving is meditative for me…focusing on the resistance, the stretch, the balance, and the strength necessary for each movement has me forget about all the struggles and stresses of my day. It’s almost like sweating out all the toxins from my body leaves me cleansed, clears my mind, and leaves me open for new possibilities.

The last ingredient is the most important, because it really does establish the foundation for all the other ingredients to follow.

~ REALLY listen

It’s as simple as that. Just listen.

We all live in our heads, and we let our thoughts, opinions, and meanings get in the way of listening to those around us, including ourselves.

I think if we listen to everyone like we don’t know what they are going to say, we might hear things differently. If we actually listen to them, we might have less to say. I know that there are so many times I’m on the verge of saying something even before someone finishes their sentence, and my reaction is completely out of line with their thought. If I only listen, I might see something else in the conversation.

I do agree with Kathy when she says “your ultimate self-expressions and communications will be crisper, cleaner, and more meaningful,” because your head won’t be filled with reactions and opinions of what other are saying, and, because you will be more in tune to your “body and spirit.”

Listening 101…we could all learn a thing or two.

Kathy, thank you so much for this wonderful recipe…now I have to get back to my kitchen!

~ Kaia in balance ~


2 responses to “Balance in the

  1. Love it! Your ingredients are going in my “pantry for life!” I really like the addition of *dreaming* SO important in a recipe for life! …ha, metaphors are fun. Thanks for this post. -K

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